Brush Pen Lettering / Jun 10 / Richmond, VA

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Brush Pen Lettering Poster-02.jpg

Brush Pen Lettering / Jun 10 / Richmond, VA


Brush Pen Lettering Workshop
Saturday, June 10th, 1pm-4pm

Campfire & Co. at The Woodlot - 2219 W. Main St. Richmond,VA

Class limited to 12 students.

This 3+ hour workshop explores the basics of calligraphy and hand lettering from scratch. You will learn about the tools I use, how to use them properly, how to construct letterforms and the basics of composition and design.

What will you learn?

  • Proper use of calligraphy tools.
  • How to create thick and thin strokes through pressure techniques.
  • Basic lowercase and capital letterform construction.
  • Alternative letterform construction.
  • Use of tracing paper to refine calligraphy.

Each participant will be provided:

  • (1) Tombow Dual Brush Pen
  • (1) Faber Castell Brush Pen
  • (1) Tracing Pad
  • (1) Sketch Pencil

If you have experience with brush pens and own one feel free to bring your own. 

Important Information

*There are no refunds once you've purchased your ticket.

*The minimum attendance required for the workshop to take place is 6 students. If this term is not met the workshop might be reschedule or cancelled. Only in this case you are entitle to a refund.

*Once you pay for the workshop, we will use the email associated with your purchase to reach out to you about course details. If you have not received any information about the workshop within 72 hours of the class, please email us here.

*This class is beginner level. Students with no previous knowledge are more than welcome to sign up. If you are intermediate level, you're welcome too.

*Snacks and refreshments provided

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